Jennifer Cassidy - MEd


Everyone is an expert on themselves. My job as a therapist is to help you discover the answers within yourself and ways to achieve that insight through future challenges. A year of experience working in a publicly funded mental health care facility has motivated me to work in private practice. Rather than work on goals that are set forth by insurance companies, I focus on the needs and the wants of my client in the moment. I am trained in several treatment theories to best match each person's personality. I have special interest in working with those who suffer from addictions.

I encourage not only the individual to seek treatment but to also work on the family unit, as addiction is referred to as a family disease. I believe, "if nothing changes, nothing changes". I don't give you the answers to life's problems, I help you discover the answers you knew yourself all along.

I have a unique way of connecting with people who are skeptical of the traditional "counseling" situation. I believe that establishing a positive therapeutic relationship is the most effective start in recovery. I also work with those who seek to improve their anxiety control and confidence level during competitive sports.


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