Elizabeth Casey - Counselor, MAPC, LPC


I understand that approaching counseling for many can be overwhelming. It is not easy to begin the task of self-exploration. However for those who do, I firmly believe the reward is worth it. The reward can be an ability to recognize the strengths within that allow us to face the stress and obstacles that life inevitably throws our way. It does not mean avoiding or never having problems in the future, it is to achieve the confidence to successfully deal with them. One of my favorite quotes is “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it is learning how to dance in the rain.”

I utilize an eclectic approach, combining several different counseling methods with a down to earth style. I tailor the therapeutic process to the needs of my clients and work with them to identify goals that are attainable.

I specialize in Grief & Loss, Adoption & Bonding issues. I passionately believe that many emotional issues are the result of unrecognized or unresolved loss. These responses make healthy relationship building difficult. My background professionally and personally in adoption allow me to offer insights into bonding and attachment difficulties in past or present relationships. The loss inherent in adoption for any member of the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptee) is often not acknowledged, which can lead to tension. However many other life issues also cause difficulty building and maintaining healthy relationships. Past trauma, depression, and anxiety certainly are issues that one can develop coping skills for that can make life actually enjoyable again or maybe even for the first time.

I am a seasoned counselor, which is a polite way of saying well aged. After obtaining my BA degree in Psychology from Moravian College I worked with various social service agencies starting in the 1980’s. This lead to working more directly with people suffering the acute results of mental illness in an inpatient setting. I then worked in adoption field preparing both families and children for relationship building. I obtained my master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling in 2008. I obtained my licensed professional counseling designation in 2011 and followed a path to private practice. This experience brings with it the ability to quickly assess situations as well as solutions. I hope to connect in a way that enables you, the client, to find the confidence that is within yourself to live an emotionally rich life!


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